There are a number of other web sites with which Accountabilty Scotland are associated either by members or by similar aims and objectives, or with whom we have attended meetings etc etc.

Kids Not Suits campaigns for better use of public funding by those whom we elect. Cash which should be spent on the front line is getting lost in the back office - and often our children are the biggest losers. It may be getting wasted on unnecessary bureaucracy and duplication - or blown in Council mismanagement: with an Edinburgh & Scotland focus.

PatientsFirst is a network of health professionals & their supporters campaigning for openness & transparency in the health service. We grew out of a handful of NHS whistleblowers who realised that the system
does not contain the hoped for supports & protection. PatientsFirst can provide some support & advice to health professionals considering how to challenge poor care. We are a group of volunteers & ask for a small
donation to assist us with admin back up & travel costs. [Update: As at 8th December 2018, this domain has been suspended]

Fiona Sinclair, a member of Accountability Scotland is involved with the above organisation which is one of many groups campaigning for recognition. To google the words "autism rights" click here. There are many organisations working for recognition of a syndrome that affects more than one percent of the population.

 We No Longer Care [Hosted by Word Press]

Thomas Leonard. Retired Professor of Statistics. Interests include the authenticity of Government health statistics and the Establishment's cynical attitude towards the damaging physical side effects of psychiatric medications.

This web site covers Ombudsmen in Britain:

Its by-line is "Archiving Evidence against Ombudsmen"