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Dr David Drew

The NHS is a wonderful institution. It largely provides what its founders intended: medical care for all from cradle to grave, free at

the point of use and funded by general taxation. Nevertheless, its not perfect. Scandals at the Bristol Childrens Heart Unit and, more

recently, at Stafford General Hospital, Furness General Hospital and Heart of England Foundation Trust, have shaken public

confidence. Abysmal care and, worse, the cover-up of patient harm and avoidable death, have come to light. It is against this

background that I offer my own story. I was one of those doctors who spoke up for patients and suffered the consequences...

The scandals of poor care and repeated cover-ups in the NHS in recent years have raised serious questions about the

mistreatment of NHS whistleblowers. This book is autobiographical and offers the first detailed account of the ruin

of a highly competent senior doctor who blew the whistle.

Dr David Drew was a NHS consultant at Walsall Manor Hospital for over 19 years, including 7 spent as head of the

paediatric department, before ongoing concerns over the state of poor care led him to become a whistleblower. This

put him on a collision course with senior NHS hospital managers. Removed as head of department, he was

suspended on trumped up charges, faced allegations of mental illness and disciplinary action and was dismissed for

Gross Misconduct and Insubordination.

Davids eye-opening account gives a unique insight into the NHS procedures that are used to dispose of senior

managements critics  at the cost of patient care.

There are no pseudonyms here, just glaring honesty backed up by thousands of pages of supporting documents and other evidence.

Given the fate that befalls most NHS whistleblowers, it is brave almost beyond belief. Drew is the doctor who wouldnt be

silenced. And he deserves to be listened to. The truth and reconciliation the NHS so badly needs starts here. Read it and speak.


Phil Hammond, doctor, journalist, broadcaster, medical correspondent for

Private Eye and Patron of Patients First

PUBLISHED 28th September 2014

Paperback £10.99 / Ebook £TBC

ISBN 9781783065233 / eISBN TBC


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